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Garment covers is the most economical way to protect your garment during storage or transit. Generally manufactured with extra thin polythene film with pre cut hanger hole and shaped shoulder. Very popular amongst dry cleaners, laundry companies and hotels.

Advantages of Garment Covers

  • Water resistant
  • Strong
  • Thinner and lighter saves material and money
  • Economical
  • Resistance to chemicals

Garment Bags

The typical user is familiar with polythene garment bags from the dry cleaners. In the apparel and sewn goods industries, every t-shirt, jumper, jacket, etc. is transported in a plastic garment bag.

Garment bags are lightweight and transparent and are use manufacturer in four standard versatile sizes: trousers, shirts and suits, dresses, and long coats. Poly garment bags are also found in wider size with side-gussets that allow for multiple garments. They can be ordered printed with suffocation warnings and you custom logo and will be packaged perforated on a roll and for easy tear off.

Polythene suit covers offer the most inexpensive and long lasting form of advertising you can possibly use. Because customers continue using them for storage and travel purposes, your store name stays in the mind of the public. Garment covers smart appearance enhances your store fashion image and prestige. Personalized polythene garment covers offer a free modern marketing tool for today's fashion retailer.

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Research & Resources

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Eco Friendly Alternatives

Garment covers made from plastics (specially polythene) are very efficient with a very low carbon footprint and also with the advantage of being recycleable using less energy than other products like glass for example.

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