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Bin liners are disposable bags used to line the insides of rubbish containers such as waste-paper bins, dustbins and even wheelie-bins to contain rubbish and prevent them from becoming coated in waste material and getting dirty and smelly. Typically these rubbish bags are manufactured using polythene and are generally green for garden waste, black for domestic refuse for outside bins, and white (and thinner) for office bins or household bins.

Bin liners are widely used as they offer a convenient and hygienic way of handling waste. Plastic waste bags are very light and are particularly useful for messy or wet rubbish, take food waste for example, and are also great for wrapping up litter to minimize odour and contamination. Rubbish bags are often used for lining rubbish or waste containers or bins. This serves to keep the container sanitary by avoiding container contact with the garbage. After the bag in the container is filled with litter, the bag can be pulled out by its edges, closed, and tied with minimal contact with the waste matter.

Generally bin liners have a capacity of between 60 to 90 litres and are about 60cm wide and a bout a metre long. Rubbish bags are typically provided on rolls of folded bags with perforations between one bag and the next.

Most rubbish bags are black but other colours exist and normally it designates a special purpose. A green bag for example is used for disposal of biodegradable waste like grass, fruit and vegetables and garden clippings. Clear bin bags mostly used in offices to help identify what is inside to ensure only recyclable waste in disposed such as paper and newspapers.

While standard rubbish bags can fulfil most requirements of rubbish containment, there are times when a more specialised version is preferable:

Pedal bin liners or swing-bin bags

Pedal bin liners usually have half or less of the capacity of a normal rubbish bag and are generally manufactured using of the lowest viable gauge of polythene suitable for holding the weight to be contained. Some liners come with handle-ties or another means to help closure, and when filled they are removed and stored inside an outdoor rubbish bag. Internal waste bags tend to be white, though colours vary.

Bags for Wheelie Bins

These are large-capacity rubbish bags that can be placed inside a wheelie bin, ensuring the bin stays clean without interfering with their standard emptying process.

Clinical and hazardous waste bags

Specialist bin liners are also available for use with low-grade radioactive or clinical waste and these can also be supplied with specific printed warnings which can also be customised.

Rubbish bags and specialist waste sacks

This section is primarily discussing different types of bin liners but if you're searching for information or to buy waste sacks or other types of rubbish bags please see our waste sacks and rubbish bags section.

Manufacturers of bin liners

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Eco Friendly Alternatives

You can also order eco-friendly bin liners that are made from biodegradable plastic or starch based materials such as potato-starch.

Biodegradable bin liners

Some bags are produced with biodegradable polythene film and will decompose when exposed to air, sun, and moisture or submitted for composting. Oxo-biodegradable and other degradable plastic bags can be used as rubbish bags. Organic waste can be put into biodegradable waste sacks and put straight into the composting plant. The resulting compost may be used by farmers and growers. Since biodegradable bags releases its carbon slowly, it produces high quality compost.

For eco-friendly bin liners and rubbish bags please do take a look at our biodegradable bags section. This gives an excellent range of websites that focus on environmentally-friendly packaging for both commercial and domestic useas well as discussing the different types of degradable bags, biodegradable bags, and recycled bags that are now available.

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Degradable bin liners

Degradable bin liners or compost bags are manufactured with materials such as potato startch and or oxodegradable / photodegradable additives to ensure all of the packaging degrades by biological entities after being disposed into compost yielding carbon dioxide (CO2), water, inorganic compounds and biomass leaving no visible, distinguishable or toxic residue behind.

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